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cCRP Quantitative Test Kit

pet disease test kit

For pet disease diagnosis

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US
Canine C-reactive protein (cCRP) is an acute phase-reactive protein that can be used as a sensitive indicator of systemic inflammation in dogs. During the onset of pet inflammation, the concentration of cCRP increases rapidly in the blood, along with inflammatory cells clear, the concentration level will quickly drop to normal levels. Although cCRP is a non-specific reaction protein, it has a good guiding role in detecting microbial infection, detecting disease condition and severity, and observing therapeutic effect, especially for the rational application of antibiotics.

1. Inflammation index and tissue damage judgment
2. Monitor the therapeutic effects of animal infections
3. Real-time monitoring of animal surgery and prognosis
4. Efficacy evaluation and guidance medication


Linear range:0.5~200mg/L


Specimen:Whole blood / Serum / Plasma

Detection time:5min


Shelf-life:24 months

Shipment :<50℃

Operation Guideline